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"Allesbeste Nursery aims to be the world leader in the production of high quality avocado trees and to be a leader in the development of superior cultivars and rootstocks. Allesbeste Nursery also strives to improve and develop the avocado industry globally and in a responsible and sustainable way."

Research and development of Avocado cultivars

History & expansion

Allesbeste Nursery was established during the 1980's in the town Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa. The nursery has since been expanded numerous times and the end is not yet in sight.

Allesbeste does not only focus on its own success. Our aim is to help improve and develop the avocado industry in a sustainable manner. We are also actively involved in research and development as well as consultation. It is also through this active research that the nursery have succeeded in developing and releasing Maluma as a promising, newly developed cultivar.

Avocado cultivar development

Involvement in projects

Breeding and Selection program
Allesbeste manages an outstanding breeding and selection program which enables new variety/cultivar development and improvement.

Industry development
Allesbeste was involved in the industry development in Africa and the Philippines.

Allesbeste was involved in the commercialisation in New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America.

Micro-cloning of avocado trees


The Allesbeste Nursery is the first nursery that have not been down graded from their AKV 5-star grading system for quality and hygiene standards.

The Allesbeste Nursery is also the only private nursery active in rootstock and cultivar research and development

Maluma avo
Maluma avocado cultivar developed by Allesbeste Nursery

Maluma avo

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The Maluma is a dark skinned cultivar with immaculate appearance and astonishing taste - researched and developed by our nursery. Its texture is smooth and ideal for any recipe. With a whole-hearted nutty taste it's a taste bud explosion! Some of this avocado's key characteristics are: small seeds with more flesh, purple-black thick skin, smooth and light fibre.

Annual Maluma symposium

Maluma symposium

Although this symposium was initially held solely as an information session to farmers, it has developed into a cross-platform information and networking symposium.
The main aim is to stimulate thought into what the modern agriculture environment brings about and, what farmers and other intermediaries can do to improve on the final product delivered to the consumer.

Maluma avocado information

Maluma blog

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This blog provides the viewer with views, opinions, statistics, research, knowledge. Further more, this blog focuses on providing information about this cultivar.

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Maluma avocado cultivar
Maluma symposium
Maluma blog
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